About St Barts

If you have been to the Caribbean before and think this will give you insight onto St Barts, forget everything. St Barts is a little bit of France, perched in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Blue Swan pool gazebo ocean view

St Barts is Special....

Only eight square miles with a year round population of just 8,000.

Unlike many of the other Caribbean islands St Barts has steered away from mass tourism, and as such there are no large resorts, no high rise buildings, no fast food chains and cruise ships are small and kept to a minimum.

The key to the island is relaxation, fine dining, boutique shopping and a very sophisticated French feel, St Barts has more the feel of the French Riviera than anything else.

St Barts has 22 beaches, and around 80 restaurants and bars, so there is a lot to get around.  Most people on vacation on St Barts will spend their time sunning themselves, eating drinking, relaxing, having massages, taking boat trips and enjoying the beach

Most of the accommodation on St Barts in villas. (The largest hotel has around 90 rooms), which is where our expertise comes in.

Gustavia (shown here) is the capital city (population 2000) and surrounds the port where the super yachts can be seen. Very French, Cartier, Bulgari, Vuitton, Hermes as well as Gucci and Armani and a wide range of restaurants.

St Jean is the next largest "town" very popular with the most fashionable beach, hosting the Eden Rock Hotel, the Nikki Beach bar and La Plage Restaurant, along with a range of local boutiques.

As for the rest of St Barts, it is small, and you are never more than a few minutes away from a beach, so we always suggest people choose their villa rather than the location. 

There are around 450 villas on St Barts and we cover most of them, concentrating on the higher end, but to suit all budgets.

Whatever it is you want to do on St Barts, please do let us know. We have been around for years and know the place inside out

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