St Barts Concierge

We started business as Premium IV on St Barts in 2005, the first full time professional service on St Barts dedicated exclusively to providing Concierge Services to St Barts villa guests.

Since moving into St Barts Villa Rentals in 2009, our concierge services are available to any visitor to the island, villa or hotel, whether you booked your accommodation through PIV or not.

This is our signature service for people traveling between St Barts and Sint Maarten. We take care of you, your luggage and all formalities so you don't have to worry

A car is essential for getting around St Barts 22 beaches and 80 bars and restaurants. From sporty soft tops to roomy SUVs, let us know what you need

We have access to the largest fleet of yachts and boats on St Barts. From island tours, to airport transfers, to term charters, let us know what you need

We will organise a private chef to come and cook at your St Barts Villa, we can send you sample menus or you can choose what you want and we will find the chef to match

Before you arrive at your villa on St Barts, we can prestock your fridge, have a dinner package waiting for you or simply some wine and cheese

St Barts is all about relaxation and well being, and what better way to relax while you are on the island to pamper yourself with a massage, a manicure, a pedicure or have a French Coiffeur restyle your look?